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Mar 19 09 1:27 PM

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For sale is my mk2 1.6 driver 1989 in Schwartz black. I bought this car at the end of the summer of 2007. The car has covered just over 121k miles. Since buying the car I have spent a lot of money on it to keep it in perfect running order.

Some of the stuff I have done in my ownership of the car

Timing belt
Brand new weber carb Conversion, new rubber mounting block and throttle cable
Factory airbox removed and fitted with k&n Bolt on filter
Straight through exhaust from manifold to standard 8v backbox
16v 256mm front brake setup
New wheel bearings all round
New front pads, rear shoes and cylinders
New uprated battery
New gearbox and linkages including mk3 weighted shift rod
Full black Gti boot carpet, turret covers and space saver wheel
New heater motor and resistor pack
New distributor cap and rotor
New Genuine plug leads
Uprated audio
New fog light wiring loom
New windscreen
New fuel pump
Had painted section of front bumper resprayed due to flaking from poor prep in the past

Here is a spec list

1.6L 8v engine
Weber 32/34 DMTL carburettor kit
Manual Choke
K&N bolt-on air filter
Straight through exhaust

Brakes and Suspension
16v 256mm complete front brake setup
Standard rear hub setup
Lowered on 40mm Apex lowering springs and shocks

16v GTI full rainbow interior
GTI steering wheel
Full GTI black boot carpet
Full set of original VW rubber floor mats

Schwartz black (LO41)
Full GTI big bumper kit
16v front splitter
Badgeless Grille
Crystal clear headlights with Angel eyes
Crystal clear indicators
Clear side repeaters
Crystal front fog lights
M3 style red/clear tail lights
Lay flat rear wiper

Wheels and Tyres
15 inch Rial Viper Alloy wheels
4 x 195/50/15 Toyo T1R proxes with good thread depth

Alpine headunit with full speed ipod connection
Sony component speakers, tweeters and crossovers
Pioneer 6x9s in parcel shelf

Think thatís about all the spec. Basically just a really good car, the 1.6 engine with the weber fitted is lovely to drive, itís nippy when it needs to be, can cruise at motorway speeds, and can sit in traffic and you wouldnít even know the car is started it idles so smooth. The car holds temperature perfectly. This performance combined with the cheaper tax and insurance over a gti is an attractive quality in my opinion, especially for the younger driver.

The car has been regularly serviced by myself at intervals never exceeding 5k miles. This would always include new oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter cleaned with k&n cleaning kit, new spark plugs. I have changed plug leads and Fan belt as soon as they were needed. Anyone who knows me can vouch that as soon as something needs doing itís done and no money is ever spared. All mechanical work outside of servicing the car has been carried out by a local garage to a high standard; the mechanic is a VW enthusiast himself and knows his old vw very well.

Good Points
>> Cheap tax and insurance, cheap to run, all the looks of a gti without the cost to run 1!!
>> Full History of NCT including its current NCT valid until 06-10
>> Taxed until the end of May
>> Completely Original bodywork in excellent condition
>> Car is 90 spec as it was manufactured in late November 1989
>> This is a rust free car, was imported in 1992 so was saved from the dreaded salt. Underside of the car is spotless, some people have said itís the cleanest theyíve seen.

Unfortunately as with every car there are some bad points but I believe with this car the good outweighs the bad.

>>Bonnet has been chipped and lightly dented by a rock been thrown. I will have the bonnet fully resprayed prior to sale, it is unfortunate as every panel on the car is still in original paint.
>>Small bubbling around left hand wiper hole. This has always been that way and is not noticeable
>>As with age the paint picks up a few tiny marks, these do not take away from the overall great condition of the body for a 20 year old car
>>The usual bolster wear on drivers seat

Think thats about all. The only thing this car needs is someone to sit into it and drive it. Hereís a few pics:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Here she is at the NS Dubs Banbridge and Mullingar meets:

user posted image

user posted image

And Hereís The link to the album -

Car is located in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath



I wonít be letting it go for any less than that.

There is currently a subwoofer and amplifier fitted but these will be removed prior to sale and for this reason have not been included in the spec list above. The price reflects this. All wiring will be left in the car so if someone wants to add a sub and amp it will be very easy.

Pics of specific areas can be provided.

Contact via PM. Thanks for reading

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#3 [url]

Mar 19 09 6:45 PM

I can vouch for this car, its in unbelievable condition. Dave keeps it in constant tip top condition. Pictures don't do it justice..... You'll be sorry to see her go Dave. Best of luck with the sale

What plans are in the pipeline???

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

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#4 [url]

Mar 19 09 10:41 PM

Cheers Johnny, plans are to get a Gti i think, maybe a nice 8v and make some nice mods to it. That car came like that when i bought it. I bought it without ever seeing it in person and would like to put my mark on something else, that car is too nice to go pulling apart and messing with i think. Thought i had it sold but yer man just pulled out on me. Gonna stick it up a few more places now and see. Cheers for those few bits this evening aswell

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#7 [url]

Mar 19 09 11:19 PM

FFS blonde moment there, I guess i got carried away with myself thinking it might be for sale
And yes your car is just as tidy, even though you don't have a turbo for sale

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#9 [url]

Apr 9 09 9:47 PM


Willing to listen to any reasonable offers on this. Mad for a new car, this needs to sell for that to happen so if anyone is looking or knows anyone looking for a mk2 or a good first car please gimme a shout or spread the word.

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#12 [url]

May 28 09 8:51 PM

Thanks barry and mick, yeah its a really nice car but time for a change. As for tipping along wont be a patch on your ABF mick or as miserly on fuel as barry's TDI. Comes full from the factory haha!!

user posted image

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